“ALPOLIC™ Design Simulator (ADS)” has been launched

Mitsubishi Chemical Infratec Co., Ltd., the global leader of aluminum and metal composite material manufacturing, has launched “ALPOLIC™ Design Simulator (ADS)”. ALPOLIC™ has been globally used for the architectural building facades and other applications, and ADS is the simulator for ALPOLIC™ colors on the facade in the VR Space. Since you can check the colors and images with the larger scale in the VR Space, you’d be able to narrow the colors for the mock-up. You’d be able to save the cost and the energy for the extra mock-up materials and constructions. ALPOLIC™ keeps working for environmental load reductions with the digitalization.

Please contact https://www.alpolic.com/ to get ADS, and other information.

Note:Due to variances in screen calibration and resolution, the colors on your screen may not accurately represent the actual color sample. Please check the actual samples for the official approval.