Surface Finishes

Wide variety of finishes is available with ALPOLIC and its affiliated products.

Fluorocarbon coating
ALPOLIC A2, ALPOLIC/fr and ALPOLIC have a coating finish with fluorocarbon paint. The fluorocarbon paint is the most advanced paint at this moment, known for its high performance in outdoor applications. We use Lumiflon-based fluorocarbon paint as standard for fluorocarbon coatings. In Lumiflon, color range is wide and easy to repair. The gloss is adjustable in wide range, between 15% and 80%.

We apply the paint continuously to aluminum coil through our coil coating line, which permits consistent coating quality. “Die Coater” in this line ensures a smooth and fine coating.

There are four types of colors: Solid Colors, Metallic Colors, Sparkling Colors and Patterns available in standard colors in color chart. All types of colors are produced in our continuous coil coating line. Custom colors are also available for all types upon request.

Example of colors – ALPOLIC A2, ALPOLIC/fr and ALPOLIC
Solid Color, Metallic Color, Sparkling Color, Patterns

Polyester coating ALPOLIC/fr LT
The polyester coating for ALPOLIC/fr LT is available in four-color type: Solid Colors, Metallic Colors, Stone and Timber. The gloss is available in matte to 90% gloss. The matte finish is produced with a unique coating method in which microscopic wrinkles emerge over the entire coated surface during baking of the paint. All these coatings are produced in our continuous coil coating line.

Timber designs – ALPOLIC/fr LT
Maple, Walnut

Metal finish – TCM, SCM, ZCM
TCM Dull, SCM Hairline, SCM Dull, ZCM Pre-weathered Gray

Products Application Finish Color Variation Reference
Outdoor Fluorocarbon coating Solid Colors Metallic Colors Sparkling Colors Patterns ALPOLIC™, ALPOLIC™/fr Color Chart
TCM Outdoor Titanium Dull Sample
SCM Outdoor Stainless steel Hairline, Dull Sample
ZCM Outdoor Zinc Pre-weathered Gray Sample
ALPOLIC/fr LT Indoor, light outdoor Polyester coating Solid Colors Metallic Colors Aluminum Hairline Stone & Timber Colors ALPOLIC™/fr LT Color Chart
AL-LEADER Signage Polyester coating White, Black, Silver Sample
ALPOLIC/fr-RF Indoor Reflective finish Sample